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Taboola היא חברת המלצות התוכן הגדולה בעולם. אנו משרתים מעל מיליארד אנשים בכל חודש בכל העולם ונותנים מעל 12 מיליארד המלצות תוכן בכל יום באלפי אתרים. כדי לעמוד ביעד הזה אנו משתמשים בטכנולוגיות המתקדמות ביותר בתחומי ה- Web Applications, Big Data, Machine Learning & Deep Learning (וחוצים בתחומים אלו גם גבולות שלא נחצו לפנינו). יש לנו תשתית טיפול במידע מהגדולות בעולם: המערכת שלנו מטפלת בכ- 45TB מידע חדש בכל יום ובסה״כ מאמנת אלגוריתמי ML בזמן אמת על Petabytes של מידע. מהנדסי ומהנדסות התוכנה בחברת Taboola נבחרים בקפידה מכיוון שלכל אחד ואחת מהם ניתנת ההזדמנות להשפיע באופן ישיר על הדרך שבה התוכן האינטרנטי יגיע אל מיליארדי גולשים מסביב לעולם

משרות פעילות

לפני חודש

Taboola, the world’s largest content recommendation platform, is hiring an expert software developer for a Software Engineer position in the Infrastructure Engineering R&D group.

In this job you will:

Develop one of the largest real time high scale operation in the world to support over 1.4B users, >500,000 requests / second, 100TB of new data every day
Have end to end ownership: Design, develop, deploy, measure and maintain our services
Solve production issues in the framework code
Collaborate with the brightest software engineers team members
Influence directly on the way billions of people discover the internet
Here are some of the things software devs in our group did in the last several months:

Rewrote part of our recommendation servers to reduce serving time p999 by >40%
Rolled out custom Cassandra compaction strategy
Created and improved Taboola’s Kafka consumer designed for very high scale
Developed a brand new Taboola metrics pipeline, ingesting over 100B metric messages per day
Anomaly detection engine for application metrics
Rolled out a new custom home-built Taboola authentication service
Many more things…
Our Tech Stack:

Java, Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, Cassandra, Vertica, MySQL, HDFS, BigQuery, Docker, Linux,
Kubernetes, Prometheus, Metrictank, Grafana, Airflow, Redis

You will work with:

The people who wrote the first lines of code in Taboola (and many many more lines after that)
The proud owner of a beer brewery
People who are deeply familiar with the code of Kafka, Cassandra, AirFlow, Prometheus and Spark (including committing back)
Famous internal Taboola hackathon winners
The designers and implementers of a offheap, zero GC, Custom Kafka Producer which cumulatively sends ~100B messages / day

About you:

Experience developing large scale distributed systems
Deep understanding of strong Computer Science fundamentals: object-oriented design, data structures systems, applications programming and multi threading programming
3+ years programming experience in Java or equivalent Object-Oriented language
Production systems understanding
Experience with SQL and No-SQL
Highly Proficient in Linux environment
Proven ability to work effectively across multiple teams
BS.c in computer science or equivalent experience
Nice to have:

Experience in Big Data tools
Knowledge in algorithms, data-mining and machine learning

לפני חודש

Taboola, the world’s largest content recommendation platform, is hiring an Algorithm Engineer.

In this job you will:

Become an integral part of Taboola’s core ML algorithms group, composed of over 40 super strong researchers located in Tel Aviv, Greece and NY
Be responsible for the entire algorithmic life-cycle in the company: data analytics, prototyping of new ideas, implementing algorithms models in a production environment and then monitoring and maintaining them
Turn algorithm prototypes into shippable products that will have a significant and immediate impact on the company’s revenue
Work on a daily basis with some of the hottest trends in today’s job market: machine/deep learning, big data analytics/engineering and cloud computing
Apply your scientific knowledge and creativity to analyze large volumes of diverse data and develop algorithmic solutions and models to solve complex problems
Influence directly on the way billions of people discover the internet
Work on projects such as Internet Personalization, Content Feed, Real Time Bidding, Video Recommendations and much more.
Our tech stack:

Python, Java, TensorFlow, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, HDFS, ElasticSearch, AirFlow, BigQuery, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes and Docker

About you:

M.Sc. or PhD. in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or a related field
Strong knowledge in Python
Good knowledge in Java, Scala or C++
Familiarity with statistical modeling techniques
3+ years of hands on experience with coding machine learning/statistical modeling based solutions
Experience in data analysis and visualization and strong knowledge in SQL
Possess strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
Nice to have:

Experience in developing models using deep learning techniques and tools
Experience in developing software within a distributed computation framework